FaSt PaCeD pUnK wItH a FuNk FeEl – DiG?





ArE bAcK!


The last time you saw The Bassterds was September 2003. Since then Bastard Boy had a son, Skinbone had a daughter and My-T Phil become mightier!


The Bassterds took a long hiatus and have recently begun rehearsing for a live comeback that will redefine rock and/or roll.


YoU wAnT oLd ScHoOl PuNk? - YoU gOt It!

YoU wAnT fUnKy FrEsH bEaTs AnD bIg PhAt BaSs LiNeS? – YoU gOt It!

YoU wAnT iRrEvErEnT a-HoLeS sCrEaMiNg At ThE tOp Of ThEiR lUnGs? – YoU gOt It!

YoU wAnNa SeE dIaPeR cHaNgInG aNd PeEk-A-bOoInG?  - YoU gOt It!


Stay tuned for the re-launch of this website, some new MP3’s and a possible live performance by your mom’s favourite rock’n’roll disaster – THE BASSTERDS!





ChEcK oUt BaStArD bOy’S bLoG:

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LiSteN tO mUsIc

“Pretty in Pink”

“Feces Fascination”