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Life as a Bassterd...

Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Theatre of the Parking Lot
Every morning I park my car in the Clarkson GO parking lot. This is a busy lot with each and every space being used, plus people parking in lane ways, on lawns, in clearly indicated no-parking zones and on gravel lots. GO transit decided to pave one of the gravel lots, this lot has at least 50 spaces. In the summer GO usage is down, and parking is widely available, it is only the truly lazy who need to be one or two rows closer to the tracks that end up parking in no park zones, the rest find a spot with ease. GO transit notified Clarkson users in June that they would be paving the gravel lot. Makes sense, take advantage of the lower volumes of July and August, and have a well marked lot ready for the fall. Construction began in late August. On September 6, GO train users volumes went back to normal, and the commuters faced their 10 month parking spot battle once again. Some expecting that parking would be less of a struggle were shocked to see that where once stood a gravel lot, now stood... a barricade! It appears that paving over gravel is quite the extensive project, and the `new' lot is not quite ready yet. When one looks to see what progress has been made over the last few weeks, it appears a lot of work has gone into building a barrier of re-enforced steel that will keep all out of the future lot. At this pace it appears that the lot will be completed by next June, just in time to accommodate the lighter traffic.

Yesterday I parked my car in a clearly marked parking spot. I simply pulled in between the two bright yellow lines, put my car in 1st gear, pulled the emergency break and turned off the ignition. I did not think this was any great feat or accomplishment, but as I sat in my car awaiting the next train my fellow commuters who struggled to perform the simple act of parking entertained me.

Our first performer was a woman who decided to go the wrong way down a one-way lane. She then pulled her car into an empty spot, this should be the end of the story. The Miss, who felt secure and safe in her oversized GMC Envoy, opened her door and noticed that she was over the yellow lines. This realization caused her to back out of the spot and re-align herself. Attempt one failed, as did two through five, it was the sixth attempt that seemed to satisfy her, but alas, upon getting out of the car and reviewing her parking job, she decided she was now too close to the car on the other side. Back in the car she went, but this time her readjustments were deemed sufficient after only two attempts. The Miss then squeezed out of her car, careful not to bang the van that just pulled in beside her.

It was the driver of this van who would perform the second act. This individual is a known parking mishap, as I have witnessed his pull-in, reverse, turn left, turn right, pull in again routine on several occasions. Much like his neighbour to the north of him, his original pull-in caused him some stress, thus he performed the now expected ritual. Upon completion of his `dance' he added a new step to his routine that I had not witnessed before. It seems he pulled to close to his neighbour to the south, so that he could not open his door to get out, but our parking lot champion is resourceful and decided to go through the side door of his van instead. Remarkable performance.

At this time I began my walk to the tracks and witnessed the following: An individual stopped his car in a lane way and simply left it, another individual bumped an illegally parked car as he was manoeuvring his way through the lot, another individual apparently failed to put their emergency break on and was now bumper to bumper with the car across the lane way in front of him and finally a women parked her car illegally, blocking traffic and then got upset with the other drivers who were honking at her to move her car out of the way. I could go on, but my train was pulling in.

Let me tell you about people jockeying for seats on a crowded GO train...

Posted by Bastard Boy at 1:03 PM EDT

Friday, 22 October 2004 - 1:18 PM EDT

Name: Terdjockey

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