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Life as a Bassterd...

Thursday, 11 November 2004

Random thoughts
It's been a few weeks since I last posted, it seems like a lot has happened since then. So in chronological order here is what I have been up to (or what I remember anyways!).

October 25: I went to see Social Distortion. It's been 7 yrs since they had an album, probably a little longer since I last saw them. Their guitarist died of a brain aneurysm a few years back and Mike Ness had been doing some solo stuff. Mike looks old, gained a chunk of weight, but man oh man can he perform. It's great to see your heroes pull it off. What an amazing show.

October 31: My son dressed up like a Lion for his first trick or treating experience. The first costume we bought was too small (he made a pretty cute skunk I must say). Mom exchanged it for a ladybug outfit...I nixed that idea! So we picked up an elephant costume, that fit, but the nose hung over his face and he did not like that one bit. Thus, the Lion outfit it was. We went around the nay'hood and he loved it! Watching this little Lion running up and down the street was pretty funny. Good times, good candy, I gotta good kid.

November 3: That asshole won. Idiots.

November 11: that's today. Mom got a job. She works evenings at wal-mart. I am a failure. All we want is to raise our kid, at home, with his mom. It's crazy but the amount of grief my wife gets for that decision is unbelievable. She is the best care-giver he can get, and he is simply our favourite thing in the world. Mom is pretty amazing taking a low paying, low ego, low esteem building job so that she can spend her days with her son. I hate that she has to, but money makes this world grind to a halt. I'm looking, we don't need that much more, but it ain't easy. If you want your stuff at wal-mart rung in by a University Graduate, with oodles of publishing experience, fantastic management skills, and a great ability to manage projects - go see my wife humble herself for the sake our son. Boy does she ever love him.

Posted by Bastard Boy at 4:32 PM EST

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